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Can I add the price in a different currency than USD?

Find out about the currency options for listing your book's price during ISBN registration, and the flexibility it offers for your overall pricing strategy.

Can I get a refund?

Find out about the conditions under which you can apply for a refund.

Can I get an invoice?

Find out how to effortlessly obtain an invoice for your purchase.

Can I use your services as a company?

Find out how both individuals and companies can utilize our services

Do I have to do the registration for each format?

Discover why it's essential to use a separate ISBN for each format of your book and how our cloning feature simplifies this process.

How to login to your portal?

Logging into our portal is a simple process. In just a few steps, you can access all the features and benefits that our portal has to offer.

I can't find the right genre

Discover how to identify the most suitable genre for your book with our AI-enabled Genre Recognition Tool.

I forgot my e-mail address, how to reset it?

Explore solutions for recovering your forgotten email address and regaining access to your account.

I forgot my password, how to reset it?

Discover how to reset your forgotten password with ISBNdirect in a few simple steps, ensuring you quickly regain access to your account.

I made a typo in the title or subtitle. Can I correct this?

Learn about the potential to correct typos in your book's title or subtitle during the book registration process.

I'm not receiving the password reset e-mail

Learn how to resolve issues with not receiving a password reset email from ISBNdirect

I'm not receiving the verification e-mail

Discover how to troubleshoot issues with not receiving a verification email during registration.

Is it mandatory to keep the information up to date?

Discover the benefits of keeping your book's information current on our platform

My card was declined. What can I do?

Explore the steps you can take to resolve issues if your card is declined during a transaction.

The password reset link is not working. I'm getting an error.

Learn how to easily solve the issue of a non-functional password reset link.

What is Stripe?

Learn about Stripe, the secure payment processing platform we use for handling credit card transactions.

What is the benefit of adding the price to my book listing?

Learn about the advantages of adding a price to your book listing on our platform.

What is the difference between Electronic Book Text and Digital Online?

Understand the key differences between Electronic Book Text and Digital Online formats for e-books, including their respective benefits like portability and accessibility, to choose the right option for your publishing needs.

What is the difference between the title statuses?

Discover the significance of title statuses for your book, such as 'Active', 'Forthcoming', or 'Out of Print', and how they affect its visibility in the market.

Which fields can I change after submitting my book details?

Learn which fields you can update after submitting your book details, to optimize your book's presentation and target audience reach.

Which payment methods are available?

Learn about the various payment methods supported on our platform.