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Are the ISBNs supported by IngramSpark?

Find out about the compatibility of our ISBNs with IngramSpark and the ease of accessing imprint details for your book in your account.

Can you list my book with Nielsen instead of Bowker?

Learn about the scope of ISBNdirect's services using Bowker for ISBN registrations, ensuring international recognition for your book.

Do I own the ISBN?

Discover how purchasing an ISBN through ISBNdirect grants you the right to use it for your publication.

Do you need my book for the registration with Bookwire?

Find out what we need to register your book with Bookwire, the leading US literary database.

Do you support Amazon KDP?

Learn how our ISBNs are fully compatible with Amazon KDP, enabling a smooth publishing process.

Do you take any royalties or rights of my book?

Discover how our service model ensures you retain all royalties and rights to your book.

How does Bookwire help me as an author?

Delve into how Bookwire, a comprehensive book database, can enhance the visibility and distribution of your work as a self-publishing author, offering a platform for managing and promoting your books effectively.

How long does it take until my book becomes available on Bookwire?

Learn about the process and timeline for your book to become available on Bookwire after submission through the portal.

How to verify the authenticity of the ISBN?

Learn how to verify the authenticity of your ISBN obtained from ISBNdirect.

I'd like to include Staten House in my book. Is that fine?

Learn how using we give you the freedom to choose whether to include Staten House in your book, supporting your publishing journey while respecting your creative choices.

If I buy an ISBN from you, do I have to include Staten House in the book itself?

Explore the flexibility ISBNdirect offers in terms of mentioning Staten House in your book when you purchase an ISBN.

Is it possible to get my barcode in PDF?

Find out the available options for receiving your barcode in different file formats, including PDF, to suit your publishing needs.

Is the ISBN also valid outside the United States?

Discover the international validity of an ISBN acquired through us.

Is the barcode included with my purchase?

Learn about the convenience of receiving a barcode included with your ISBN purchase from us, without the additional fees commonly charged by other providers.

My book is not written in English. Can I still use the ISBN?

Find out how ISBNs are suitable for books in any language, with the option to add a language tag for clarity in international listings.

Should I include the price in the barcode on my book?

Explore the considerations of including the price in the barcode on your book.

What is the imprint of my ISBN?

Discover how your ISBN from ISBNdirect is typically associated with the "Staten House" imprint.

Where can I download the barcode?

Discover how to download a barcode for your book with ease, either directly through our portal or using the free barcode generator available on our website.

Which print-on-demand and distribution platforms are (not) supported?

Explore the extensive compatibility of ISBNs from ISBNdirect with various print-on-demand and distribution platforms.

Who is Staten House?

Learn about Staten House, the New York-based publishing house your ISBN is listed under when purchased through ISBNdirect, and its connection to the rich literary history of Staten Island.

Why should I use your barcode instead of the one that Amazon offers?

Discover why using our barcode offers placement flexibility for your book's cover design, a benefit not available with Amazon's automatically placed barcode, ensuring the aesthetic integrity of your book.

Which details do you need to get an ISBN?

Learn about the minimal requirements for obtaining an ISBN and the optional book registration process with ISBNdirect.

How many ISBNs do I need for my book?

Find out why you need a separate ISBN for each format of your book, such as paperback, hardcover, e-book, and audiobook, to facilitate correct listing and selling by retailers.

Do you offer bulk-discount?

Explore our bulk discount options for purchasing ISBNs, with increasing savings as you buy more.

Is my book attached to the ISBN?

Learn how an ISBN from ISBNdirect serves as a unique identifier for your book and the simple process of attaching your book to this ISBN through their user-friendly portal.

Can I use the ISBN for an e-book?

Discover how you can use an ISBN for your e-book to enhance its discoverability and accessibility to readers.

What's the benefit of using your ISBNs instead of the free ISBN from Amazon?

Learn about the benefits of using our ISBNs, like broader distribution and more control over your publishing, compared to the limitations of Amazon KDP's free ISBN.

Is this service only for paperbacks, hardcovers and e-books?

Discover how our ISBN service caters to a diverse range of literary works beyond just e-books, paperbacks, and hardcovers.

What is the difference between an ISBN and a LCCN?

Learn the differences between ISBNs, essential for commercial book distribution, and LCCNs, used for library cataloging, and how ISBNdirect offers an easy way to obtain ISBNs for your publications.

Can I split my ISBNs between multiple books?

Find out how ISBNdirect's service lets you purchase multiple ISBNs at a discount and easily manage and assign them to different books or formats through their user-friendly portal.

Do I need a new ISBN when correcting typos?

Discover how the necessity of a new ISBN for correcting typos in your book depends on your publishing platform's policies.

Is the ISBN service a one-time or recurring charge?

Discover the payment structure of our ISBN service, characterized by a one-time fee without recurring charges.

What is an ISBN?

In this article, we will explore the concept of an ISBN and understand its importance in the world of books.

How to obtain an ISBN?

A comparison between obtaining your ISBN through ISBNdirect, Bowker, or another national ISBN agency.

What is the difference between ISBN-10 and ISBN-13?

Learn about the shift from ISBN-10 to ISBN-13 and its impact on book identification in the publishing industry.

Who will be listed as the publisher?

Discover how ISBNdirect offers you the choice to have Staten House or your own name as the publisher for your book, providing flexibility and control over your publishing journey.

Why are your ISBNs starting with 979 instead of 978?

Discover the reason behind the shift from 978 to 979 prefixes for ISBNs and its implications for authors and publishers.

How long does it take until I receive the ISBN?

Find out how quickly you can receive your ISBNs after purchase and the additional option of registering your book with Bookwire through ISBNdirect's platform.