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Can I call you?

Discover our online-based support approach through chat and email, designed to offer efficient and timely assistance for all your needs.

Definition List

Explore essential publishing terms such as ISBN, Bookland Barcode, and Imprint, vital for understanding the book publishing and distribution process.

Do you print books?

Find out about our focus on ISBN services and the support we offer in selecting the right print-on-demand platforms for your book publishing needs.

Ethical Guidelines

Learn about our commitment to ethical publishing, focusing on responsible content that respects diversity and avoids harmful material.

How is it possible that ISBNdirect is so affordable?

Discover the efficiency behind our affordability, driven by our innovative, self-service platform.

Is ISBNdirect the same company as Staten House?

Understand the relationship between ISBNdirect and Staten House as part of the same parent company.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy details how ISBNdirect handles and protects user data and privacy during your interaction with our services.

Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service outline the legal agreements and conditions for using ISBNdirect's services and platform.

What is Founder Technology LLC?

Learn about the relationship between ISBNdirect and Founder Technology LLC

What is the difference between ISBNdirect and a 'normal' publisher?

Explore how ISBNdirect differs from traditional publishers, focusing on flexible, customizable services for self-publishing authors.