Who is Staten House?

When you buy your ISBN through us it's listed under Staten House. Staten House is our own New York-based publishing house.


Staten House holds an interesting connection to Staten Island's literary history. The name Staten House was inspired by the rich heritage of Staten Island, which has long been associated with the arts and literature.

Staten Island, also known as the "Borough of Books," has a deep literary history that dates back centuries. Poets, writers, and artists have found solace and inspiration in the island's serene landscapes, picturesque neighborhoods, and vibrant cultural scene. From the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson to the revolutionary movements at the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences, Staten Island has been an essential hub for creative minds.

By choosing the name Staten House, we pay homage to this history and aim to embody the island's spirit within our publishing operations. While we may not directly engage in publishing your book, we ensure that once you obtain an ISBN through ISBNdirect, it will be registered under Staten House. This association with Staten House brings with it a sense of heritage and tradition, adding an element of prestige to your work.


So, while Staten House is an authorized US publisher, our main focus is solely on providing you with the ISBN for your book. We want to make the process of getting an ISBN simple and straightforward, enabling you to focus on what truly matters - bringing your literary creation to life.

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