Do I need a new ISBN when correcting typos?

Whether or not you need a new ISBN when correcting typos in your book largely depends on the publishing or print-on-demand platform you are using. If the platform allows you to upload a new manuscript without requiring a new ISBN, then you're in luck. You can make the necessary corrections without any hassle.

However, some platforms have specific requirements. They may require you to create a new edition or print of your book in order to make any changes, including correcting typos. In such cases, you will need a new ISBN. This means that you'll have to go through the process of obtaining a new ISBN and updating your book's information with the new edition.

The impact of a new ISBN

It's important to consider the impact of creating new editions on the algorithm of retailers. Readers often overlook small typos or missing commas, so releasing a new edition solely to correct minor errors may not be necessary. However, if the typos significantly affect the readability or understanding of your book, it might be worth considering a new edition with an updated ISBN.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to obtain a new ISBN when correcting typos rests on your specific publishing platform's requirements and the significance of the errors in your book. Consider the potential impact on retailers' algorithms and weigh the benefits of a new edition against the convenience and cost of obtaining a new ISBN.

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