Can I split my ISBNs between multiple books?

Absolutely! At ISBNdirect, we offer a convenient and affordable ISBN service that allows you to purchase multiple ISBNs at once, with a bulk discount of up to 35%. This means that you can save money while ensuring each of your books has its own unique identifier. Whether you are publishing a series of books or different formats of the same book, our bulk-discount option makes it easier on your budget.

Managing your ISBNs on our portal

Once you've completed the payment for our ISBN service, you'll be directed to our user-friendly portal. Our portal provides a centralized platform where you can easily manage all your ISBNs. It streamlines the process of assigning and tracking your ISBNs, making it a breeze to handle multiple books simultaneously.

On the portal, you'll have access to an overview of all your purchased ISBNs. You can see how many ISBNs you have remaining and how many have been assigned to specific books or formats. This overview helps you stay organized and keep track of your self-publishing endeavors.

Assigning an ISBN to each book or format

When you're ready to register your book or format, simply click on the "Assign book" option on our portal. This allows you to allocate a specific ISBN to each individual book or format you are publishing. By doing so, you can ensure that each publication has its own unique identifier, vital for proper cataloging and distribution purposes.

Splitting your ISBNs between multiple books or formats is easy and seamless on our platform. Whether you're publishing a series of novels, different editions of the same book, or even multiple formats like e-book, paperback, and hardcover, our system allows you to assign each publication its own ISBN without any hassle.

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