How does Bookwire help me as an author?


As a self-publishing author, getting your work out into the world can be a daunting task. However, with the help of Bookwire, you can ease this process and reach a wider audience with your books. In this article, we will explore what Bookwire is, who uses it, and most importantly, how it can benefit you as an author.

What is Bookwire?

Bookwire is an essential tool for authors, publishers, and anyone involved in the book industry. It is a versatile book database provided by Bowker, the official US ISBN agency. Bookwire not only helps authors manage their book information, but it also acts as a platform for promoting and distributing their work.

Who uses Bookwire?

Bookwire is widely used by authors, publishers, agents, and book industry professionals across the globe. It serves as a central hub for cataloging books and making them accessible to various channels, such as libraries, retailers, and wholesalers. By using Bookwire, authors can significantly increase their book's discoverability and expand their readership.

Benefiting self-publishing authors

One of the key benefits of Bookwire is that it provides visibility to your books. When you register your book in using our portal, we automatically create a profile for your book on Bookwire. This profile serves as a hub for readers, booksellers, and libraries to learn more about your work.

Moreover, Bookwire helps authors optimize their book metadata, which plays a crucial role in search engine rankings and overall book discoverability. With Bookwire's user-friendly interface, authors can easily manage their book information, including titles, author bios, cover images, descriptions, and key selling points. By crafting compelling and accurate metadata, authors can significantly increase the visibility of their books in online searches.


Bookwire is a valuable tool that empowers self-publishing authors to promote and distribute their books effectively. With its broad reach and user-friendly features, Bookwire ensures that your books are discoverable by relevant audiences, including readers, booksellers, and libraries. By leveraging the power of Bookwire, you can take your writing career to new heights and reach a larger audience than ever before.

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