Why should I use your barcode instead of the one that Amazon offers?

The barcode you receive from us, Amazon, Bowker, or any other national ISBN agency, serves the same functional purpose. They all provide the necessary ISBN information in a scannable format that retailers and libraries use for inventory and sales tracking.

Placement Flexibility

Our barcode offers a distinct advantage in terms of placement flexibility. You have the control to decide where on your book's cover the barcode will be placed. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your book's design, allowing the barcode to fit seamlessly without disrupting your chosen layout or artwork.

Limitation with Amazon's Barcode

On the other hand, if you opt for Amazon to add the barcode to your book, you lose this control over placement. Amazon automatically places the barcode in a standard location on your book, which might not align with your preferred design or layout. This lack of customization can be a significant consideration, especially if you have specific design elements or aesthetics in mind for your book's cover.

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Where can I download the barcode?